Customer Service is Our #1 Priority


Whether we are plunging your
toilet or running new gas lines. We
take great pride, seeing you


If you are in emergency situation,
please do not worry. We provide
24/7 service. Whenever you call,
we service you.


We do more than a handyman service
we check for glitches that
needs attention to keep you safe
and save your money.

About Us

Doug Anderson Plumbing and Heating is your reliable companion in all plumbing issues. Based in North Chelmsford, MA, Doug Anderson Plumbing and Heating is your one stop destination for all plumbing needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority and pride, and nothing gives us more pleasure and joy than seeing our customers relieved and happy.

What differentiates Doug Anderson Plumbing and Heating from others is our round-the-clock availability. If you call us at midnight to fix a plumbing emergency, we will service you promptly. Licensed and insured, we do more than just repair service. We look for potential issues that you might not be aware of and help fix them, keeping you safe and saving you money.

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We Offer Many Services

Why Choose Us

Choosing us is easy and straightforward. Simply walk in to meet us or schedule a consultation over the phone. Once we discuss your plumbing needs, we give you a reasonable budget, and ask you to schedule the work on a convenient date. We do the work, make you happy, and earn our paycheck every step of the way!

Our Team

Our team of trained, insured, and highly efficient plumbers and heating pros understand your needs and is available at any time of day to help with your plumbing and/or heating emergencies. If you are in MA, visit us, call us, or email us to discuss your plumbing and heating needs at any time.


extremely timely and professional

Dracut, MA

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